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The Tempest Essay Examples

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The Tempest: A Critical Analysis

I have answered the following question (my thesis is underlined): 3) It has been theorized that Shakespeare based the character Prospero on himself. Where can you see this? What do Prosper and the play reveal about the theater? How does Prosperos final monologue finally reveal? In his play The Tempest Shakespeare gives us an allegory…

The Tempest versus Angels in America

As Angels in America focuses on complications in the lives of homosexual characters, Kushner brings a large amount of politics in to the mix. Similarly, Shakespeare also included a tone of politics in The Tempest. Indicative of falsehoods, both Kushner and Shakespeare weave levels of illusions into the lives of their characters. Kushner’s characters a…

How do Prospero and two Other Characters of Your Choice Change in the Course of the Play?

How do Prospero and two Other Characters of Your Choice Change in the Course of the Play? The Tempest is considered to be one of Shakespeare’s last plays written. It explores the concept of change and forgiveness along with power. In this essay I am going to explain how three characters, Prospero, Miranda and King…



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Which characters does Caliban compare to in translations?

The character of Caliban in ‘The Tempest’ can be compared to all of the Irish native inhabitants in ‘Translations’, by comparing the way in which Caliban resents Prospero’s language, like Hugh resents English, the way in which he relies on natural resources, similarly does Manus, and also the way in which he is perceived by…

How and Why does Macbeth Turn from War Hero to Murderer?

The tragedy “Macbeth” was written by William Shakespeare at the beginning of the seventeenth century. In that period, people were highly preoccupied by witchcraft. It was a controversial topic, as King James himself was interested in the issue. This Zeitgeist given, it seemed like a good way for Shakespeare to start his play in the…

Macbeth Coursework

Refer ring to the three main scenes that the witches appear in, write about the effect they give to the play as a whole and also how they influence Macbeth to behave as he does. Macbeth, a tragic story of how greed can corrupt the mind. Written in 1606 for King James the first, people…

A comparison between Jean Rhys and Una Marson

Voyage into the Metropolis: Exile in the Works of Jean Rhys and Una Marson. In Jonathan Miller’s 1970 production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” the character of Caliban was cast as black, therefore reigniting the link between the Prospero/Caliban paradigm as the colonizer/colonized. It was not a new idea, indeed Shakespeare himself envisaged the play set…

Macbeth- Appearance vs Reality

‘How does Shakespeare use the idea of deception in his play, Macbeth? Discuss the topic by referring to character, supernatural elements, places and objects not being what they seem William Shakespeare was a very famous playwright and actor who lived over 100 years ago and wrote the many plays including Macbeth. The play Macbeth is…

The Tempest

Act 1 scene 1(the storm): The opening scene of the Tempest I think is brilliant. There is an instant unsuspecting panic, which quickly gains ones attention. Usually in a play there is a build up to a dramatic moment but The Tempest opens with this and the dramatic moment is when there is the inevitability…

Shakespeare’s last play

The Tempest was supposed to be Shakespeare’s last play. It is unlike any other Shakespeare play. It contains magic and supernatural things. In Shakespeare’s time, people believed in magic because they had poor education and could not explain natural events. The tempest is the symbol of change. In the Tempest, order has been upset by…

The self and of the state

‘The Tempest is concerned with government – of the self and of the state’ Discuss with reference to Act One Act one of ‘The Tempest’ takes place at sea during a storm which the nobles of Milan and Naples get caught in and also on an island inhabited by Prospero, Miranda, Ariel and Caliban. Prospero…

A 17th century audience

“The Tempest is full of magic and illusion. Consider the effect this would have on a 17th century audience and a 21st century audience. How might the magic and illusion be presented today? ” William Shakespeare wrote The Tempest as a play. It was not intended for the text to be read by school children…

Multi-faceted character

In Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, Prospero has been represented variously as a good, caring man or as a manipulating, devious “puppeteer”. Compare and contrast how he has been represented and make your conclusion as to what kind of character Prospero actually is. A-Prospero, the protagonist of Shakespeare’s “Tempest”, has been variously presented as a kind, wise…

The Tempest – Prospero’s Rebirth

Prospero is a man who struggles with his humanity. As a leader and father he is dichotomous – equally judicious and nai?? ve. His exile from Milan is proof of his inadequacy as a Duke, but the loyalty demonstrated by his devoted companion Gonzalo as he saved him from death, suggests that he is also…

Act1 of the Tempest

The Tempest written by William Shakespeare was a tragicomedy; this means this is a play that contains comedy and also tragic events. The Tempest was Shakespeare’s final play so therefore it was more experimental. In the Tempest the play deals with much more serious issues. The term “nature vs. nurture” is a phrase used for…

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