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The Tempest Essay Examples

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Literature of the Western World

Fray Luis De Leon’s use of the good shepherd motif in At the Ascension (Wilkie & Hurt, 2001) is a wholly unexpected one.  Hearing the phrase or title ‘the good shepherd’ clearly fills one with expectation that the word good in it means good of action.  In other words, a reader encountering this phrase would…

Caliban as a Sympathetic Character

In the play “The Tempest”, Shakespeare introduces us to several different characters, each identified individually with their contrasting attitudes, nature and prior circumstances that have brought them to a deserted isle in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Shakespeare creates characters that exemplify the relationship between human nature and contemporary civilization and the distinction between…

Caliban’s Feelings Towards Propero

In this essay I will tell you about Caliban’s feelings towards Prospero, how Prospero treats Caliban and a chain of exploitation involving Caliban and Prospero. Caliban is the rightful owner of an island that Prospero, an ex-duke of Milan and a type of sorcerer, and his daughter Miranda, a girl who was only 3 years…



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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was born in Startford-on-Avon, in the country of Warwick. The third child and first son, William was christened on 26th April, 1564 in the parish chruch. His father, John Shakespeare, was a prosperous businessman. William got his education in a good grammer school. His father’s business failed due to neglect so William…

English Imperialism and Representations

In William Shakespeare’s The Tempest Prospero, an exiled Naples duke, and his daughter, Miranda, are marooned on a remote island with the lone indigenous[1] inhabitant, a beast man named Caliban. Through his sorcery Prospero is able to enslave Caliban, the indigene, who toils for the benefit of Prospero and Miranda, the usurping colonial powers. While…

Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender in the Tempest

In Shakespeare’s play, ‘The Tempest’, the characters of Prospero and Caliban, represent two different extremes on the social spectrum: the ruler, and the ruled. Their positions on the social hierarchy are largely due to the fact that Caliban responds almost wholly to passions, feelings of pleasure; his senses, while Prospero is ruled more by his…

The Woman Ruler in Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth I is considered as one of successful monarchs in the history of England. The period where she ruled is deemed as England’s Golden Age where extravagance and luxury flourished as expressed in literature through writers like William Shakespeare, and territorial expeditions through explorers like Francis Drake. In other words, there was a breathtaking cultural…

The Tempest – William Shakespeare

Although William Shakespeare’s The Tempest is often categorized as his late romance, its plots reflect the major social movement of that time—the Europeans settling in the New World. As the Europeans eagerly set out to find the New World, they left behind hopeful citizens pondering over what they would find. In The Tempest, through the…

Pillowman Review

The team of San- Jacinto central college performed the play “The Pillow man” originally written by Martin McDonough on 2003 in the Powell Arena Theatre. The play was about the tale of Katurian, a fiction writer who was interrogated by the two detectives Ariel and Tupoloski regarding the unpleasant stories of children written by Katurian….

Local Literature

Follow-up or tracer studies have enjoyed popularity in LIS training needs/ assessment analyses over the past 20 years in Africa in studies by scholars such as Anadiran (1988) in Nigeria; Alemna (1991, 1999) and Kisie du (1993) in Ghana; Rosenberg (1989, 1994) in Kenya; Ocholla (2001 and 2005) and Stilwell (2004) in South Africa Rugambwa…

Biography of William Shakespeare

In the mid-sixteenth century, William Shakespeare’s father, John Shakespeare, moved to the idyllic town of Stratford-upon-Avon. There, he became a successful landowner, moneylender, glove-maker, and dealer of wool and agricultural goods. In 1557, he married Mary Arden. John Shakespeare lived during a time when the middle class was expanding in both size and wealth, allowing…

Prospero’s Speech: The Art of Theater

Shakespeare is commonly known as a great writer; but we cannot lose sight of the fact that he is every inch  a man of theater, very much like Henrik Ibsen of the nineteenth century. His career in theater began as an actor. Working closely with the manager and the actors gave him a great sense…

Racialization of savagery

In his essay ‘The Tempest in the Wilderness: The Racialization of Slavery’, Ronald Takaki (1992) discusses how savagery as generally understood by Europeans since the early seventeenth century became identified with and synonymous to the races of Native Americans and transplanted Africans. He shows how this historical construction of savagery proceeded from a general understanding…

An Analysis of Freytag’s Five Steps in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

In this essay I will analyze William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” using Gustav Freytag’s five phases which are: exposition, point of conflict, rising action, climax, and denouement.  I will first begin with the exposition phase.  The exposition phase includes a description of the chief protagonist and antagonist as well as a description of their conflict and…

“After Apple-picking” Robert Frost and “Prospero’s Epilogue” by William Shakespeare

There are simply a select few individuals in this world that could be considered as exceptional. There are many great names in the world of literature, but this paper would only focus on two great writers and their respective works.  William Shakespeare is considered by many as the greatest writer that has ever lived. He…

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